GPA (Grade Point Average) is the average raw score points based on word learning outcomes assessment of each class that you receive in each semester (including laminated). Each point is attributed to the value of 0 to 4 or 5 points, depending on the scale of assessment of each school.

The schools are also interested in the cumulative average GPA when you apply for college admission or graduation. [1] Unfortunately, there is no way to calculate global GPA. Indeed, the method of calculating the GPA may vary by country and school, as some schools offer extra points for a number of honors classes, and some others will evaluate the score with unit credits. However, with the basic knowledge and some common method of calculating GPA, you can expect about fairness when calculating GPA.

 calculating GPA


Find point rating scale. Point rating scale for the most popular schools in the US are 4 point scale. With this scale, then A = 4 points, B = 3 points, C = 2 points, D = 1 point, and F = 0 points. This is called the GPA and that everyone would have (unweighted GPA for regular classes). [2] Some schools use the average GPA is not required (only when your GPA Weighted grade AP, IB or Honor), the 5 points for the more competitive classes, such as honors (Honor), as Advanced placement program (Advanced placement or AP) and international Baccalaureate (international Baccalaureate or IB).

The other class, use the same rating scale. Many students participate in classes 5 point scale might end with GPA above 4.0.
Some schools use the plus and minus points level, as a positive value and negative +.3 as -.3. For example, a valuable point B + 3.3, a B value 3.0, and 2.7 point B- point value. [3]


– Universities often give some specific tests that for those who can not calculate the average GPA because of the time between high school and was admitted at the university. Ask your favorite university for more information.
– Note that although most schools only 1 decimal, there are some other cases as of 2 decimals. With 2 decimals, it is minus 3.67, a B + is 3:33; with 1 decimal, it is 3.7 points A-, B + is 3.3. Ask the school to confirm if you are not sure how they used to scoring.
– Many universities and colleges support GPA calculator online, it calculated your GPA after entering the score, number of credits, and other additional information.
Some universities also consider using Sessional Grade Point Average (GPA SGPA is under lock) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA is the cumulative grade point average). You can use the same methods listed above to calculate these points. The main difference is SGPA and CGPA will have many more and more credit is added to the total GPA.
– Most reporting table learning outcomes and student transcripts with information about the semester, quarter, or conditions of the GPA. Sometimes we also lists always cumulative GPA.